Leonardo DiCaprio: cold suits him so well

Already frozen in Titanic …

He had been left frozen in the North Atlantic, shivering with cold and love, clinging to his makeshift raft in this role that makes it a world star since 1997. All teens of the world remember this young man playful transcending differences of class and sacrificed his life for the woman he loves.canada 561238_960_720

For many years, Leonardo DiCaprio, trying to remain objective, combines the wonderful interpretations. The 41 year-old actor is no more, and this long, slender young man, romantic Titanic. He was, among other things, a « Aviator » brilliant, flamboyant and ill in 2004 and a very convincing cop in « The Departed » in 2006; fabulous enough in schizophrenic inmate in « Shutter Island » in 2010, DiCaprio portrays a brightly financial crazy in « The Wolf of Wall Street » more recently.

One might also remember « Catch me if you can » Spielberg (2002) Blood Diamond of E.Zwick (2006) or from « Gangs of New York » where it provides a strong answer to no less phenomenal Daniel Day -Lewis.The bloody clashes in the New York snow remain in the memory of moviegoers. Brief rarely disappointing actor has been busy since Titanic,

5 Once appointed, never rewarded

The Martin Scorsese leading actor in recent years has nevertheless been « quite the-back low » rewarded. Some awards including 2 Golden Globes still before The Revenant. A Golden Globe for Aviator and another for the Wolf of Wall Street.

In all these roles, DiCaprio never got the fetish statuette: the Oscar for best actor. 5 times named
é, ever Oscar winner, it’s Cold! Today, here is finally grab all preliminary awards for his latest role, « The Revenant » by Alejandro González Iñárritu , the story of a half-dead man abandoned by his cronies and returns, facing a hostile climate and icy revenge for the betrayal and be with them … .This could well be the year DiCaprio.

 The irony is that Leonardo likely to get that Oscar in his first interpretation with this director in the wind after so many brilliant years with Scorsese « no rewards. » This would seem well deserved for one of the huge current Hollywood stars that has matured, thickness with age and knows everything play. This is all the happiness you could wish him and supreme recognition for returning from the polar cold that has yet we rarely left ice for 20 years.

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